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Social Media Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

“Giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected” That’s Facebook’s mission.
With over 400 million active users worldwide (and growing), it’s probably safe for Facebook to proclaim “mission accomplished”.  And while Facebook user statistics steadily increase, we still encounter our fair share of skeptics who resist implementing a social media marketing strategy for their medical/dental practice.  “I realize that Facebook has millions of users, but how is that really going to help my practice?” (or some variation) is the question we most often hear.  Well, as the old adage goes, the proof is in the pudding and we’ve compiled our own social media stats that we think will blow your mind!

Facebook Case Studies

Practice A
Facebook is the 8th highest traffic referral source, but has the highest goal conversion rate. Meaning more users contact the practice after viewing their Facebook page than from any other source. Think quality visits vs. quantity.

Practice B
Other than search engines, Facebook is the largest referrer of website traffic. This is FREE targeted traffic!

Interesting Statistic From Facebook

The average person’s newsfeed reaches 164 friends on Facebook.  So each time a Facebook user becomes a Fan, 164 people have the opportunity to also become a fan and learn more about your company.

What We Have Learned

  1. Facebook has exceptional conversion rates.
  2. Facebook is capable of generating significant website traffic.
  3. Facebook is capable of spreading information among friends rapidly and can be considered the modern day word of mouth advertising platform for your practice.

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