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A Blog About Medical and Dental Blogging

Historically, blogs have been viewed through two schools of thought: 1) Blogs improve my SEO performance 2) Blogs allow me to connect with my targeted audience. As a search engine marketer, I can identify with both… but the key to success is catering to each.

Your website provides insight and education on a topic that consumers specifically search for, thus giving you an engaged audience. The blog section of your website is perceived as “up to date” and often real-time information on your area of expertise. Blog entries can be informative, educational, fun, and entertaining; but, most importantly, they should be considered an interesting read.
You can assist your audience by remembering to include a few of these helpful items:

Don’t forget, blogs offer you a unique opportunity: you are talking to the audience, so it’s a great way for them to get to know a little more about you, your communication style, and what you have to offer.
By nature blogs are not formal so don’t take it too seriously.  Just consider your audience, provide some insight into your practice and let your fingers do the walking.

The search engine optimization aspect of your blog should be considered after you author your entry. Remember, build websites for people first and the search engines second.

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