Infertility Practices Using Online Marketing to Target the Younger Audience for Egg Donors

Infertility practices separate themselves from the competition by offering a diverse multitude of egg donors. In order to attract a steady stream of candidates, infertility practices have to market themselves. Traditionally, the newspaper’s classified ads have provided that segway between potential donors and clinics. That tiny ad with four lines of text has now been replaced by the Internet. The Internet not only gives egg donors an understanding of their potential involvement but it also introduces the practice. By using online marketing techniques like search engine optimization the practice can target a very specific audience. The Internet is primed with searchers of an average age of 18-30 years old. Positioning your website under the right searches will do the following:

  • Allows potential egg donors to pre-qualify themselves which saves the practice time and money
  • Attracts a larger more targeted audience
  • Provides patients donors a valued educational resource
  • Start your personalized consultation process