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Social Media Marketing and Website Conversion at ASAPS 2011

Ahead of the 2011 Aesthetic Meeting of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Rosemont Media CEO Keith Humes has been attracted the national media spotlight thanks to his experience with social media marketing. As the RM team prepares to leave for Boston for the ASAPS meeting starting this coming weekend, and as Humes prepares for the two search engine marketing panel discussions he will take part in on May 10th and 11th, find a summary of articles below.

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Ind. Doctors Prescribe Technology, Social Media

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Social Media Marketing Specialist Keith Humes in the News

In an article first appearing in the Indianapolis Star written by Shari Rudavsky, Rosemont Media CEO and resident SEO veteran Keith Humes discusses the power of social media marketing. “Doctors Prescribe Technology, Social Media for Sharing Info” outlines how Dr. Wally Zollman’s Indianapolis plastic surgery practice uses social media sites such as Facebook to spread the word about the practice online.

Social media communities provide surgeons with a connection to the “new word-of-mouth referral” according to Humes. “Facebook allows us to take a step into the practice and get a feeling for what it is like,” he says.

While Humes briefly addresses the effectiveness of social media marketing in the article, he will further expand on the potential of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in his upcoming panel discussion in Boston at the ASAPS 2011 Aesthetic Meeting. On Wednesday, May 11, 2011, Humes will participate in the first panel discussion of the Practice Management and Online Marketing Session, entitled “Social Media – Why All the Bother?

Specifically, Humes will address the importance of developing a diversified and stronger search engine marketing portfolio as part of an online advertising strategy designed to improve brand awareness and overall website performance.

ASAPS 2011: The Road to Practice Growth

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Keith Humes Appears in Plastic Surgery Practice ASAPS Article

In Plastic Surgery Practice, a well-known industry newsletter, Humes was again featured for his upcoming ASAPS 2011 panel discussions. In “ASAPS 2011: The Road to Practice Growth,” authors Wendy Lewis and Jeffrey Frentzen offer a sneak peak at “Social Media – Why All the Bother.”

The presentation is scheduled for Wednesday, May 11, 2011 will feature a group of plastic surgery marketing experts, and discuss how to maximize online performance while maintaining strict adherence to ASAPS standards and HIPAA guidelines. W. Grant Stevens, MD, FACS is the moderator of the morning meeting, and says plastic surgery marketing requires a long-term strategy that incorporates search engine optimization, social media, public relations, and systems to monitor and track these efforts.

ASAPS 2011 with Rosemont Media

Learn more about “Social Media – Why All the Bother?” as well as Humes’ other panel discussion concerning website conversion on the Rosemont Review, at, or by following the #ASAPS11 hashtag on Twitter.

And if you plan on attending the 2011 Aesthetic Meeting in Boston, be sure to stop by booths 415 and 417 to meet the Rosemont Media team and find out if our aesthetic healthcare search engine marketing services are available in your area.

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