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3 Simple Ways to Connect with Unique Users & Future Patients

As the line between online and off continues to blur, we are increasingly subjected to a variety of products and services as we check email online, fast-forward through TV ads, and still answer the occasional telemarketing cold call. Chances are the song ringing in your head right now is a jingle from a commercial heard during your daily commute. If so, can you recall the product or service being advertised?

Two All-Beef Patties, Special Sauce, & Sesame Bun

Why is it that some brands stay with us more than others? Similar to the way the Big mac song is permanently fixed to some brains, some practices are able to strike that memorable balance between the annoying and the indelible to make a lasting connection with those unique visitors.

For a lesson in creating and supporting an extremely effective brand, look no further than Facebook. Whether the social network was showing up on the silver screen or Zuckerberg was appearing on 60 Minutes and the cover of Time Magazine, 2010 will be remembered as the year Facebook left the kids’ table behind.

The Social Practice

While we’re not suggesting you should commission a recent grad from the nearest film school to create a Golden Globe-winning script, considering the performance and strength of your brand is essential to the online success of your practice. As control over the definition of brand continues to shift to the user, the consumer, the patient, maintaining your online reputation and remaining vigilant of your overall brand will allow you to expand your online reach and connect with your target audience more effectively.

3 Simple Ways to Connect to Future Patients

Wondering how to begin? By supplementing your search engine marketing, SEO, and dental or medical social media optimization strategies with the following three steps, and you’ll be well on your way.


While the Social Network is being called the unofficial story of Facebook, a good story is hard to argue with, and difficult to ignore. Read through your website. Does the content grab you? Does it provide the who, what, where, when, why and how in an interesting way?

Look at your website as the chance to tell the biography of your practice. Tell your story in your own voice, as if the unique user were a potential patient visiting your office for their initial consultation. Focus on the individual, as you do with each procedure, and the connection will follow.


While he had no control over the conversation sure to be inspired by the movie, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg did have the ability to interact with the public perception of him and the Facebook brand through the social network itself, as well as other more traditional forms of media.

Get involved with the online discussion that surrounds your practice. If jumping into Facebook head first seems like a daunting task, start by a posting a simple response to your Facebook fans. As you warm up, responding to questions, or offering your take on recent hot topics in your field will provide a potential patient with quality insight into your practice and process.

Brag (but just a little)

With all the success experienced in 2010, the pressing question now: what’s next for Facebook? Sure, Zuckerberg could sit back and enjoy the fruits of his labor, but what fun is that? Instead, he continues to push the envelope in pursuit of the next big thing for the social network and its online audience.

Why do you pursue continuing education courses, attend lectures and annual conferences, and research and publish in top medical journals? Whatever your reasons are for pursuing the latest innovations in your field, take the time to brag, but be sure not to overdo it.

Whether you are an avid blogger, a fan of press releases, or a novice Facebook and Twitter user, your audience will appreciate an update. Discuss the cutting-edge technology you recently implemented, or the latest trend in your field, or highlight recent news and specials. Whatever form your inspiration takes, relaying that information and excitement to your audience will enhance the quality and strength of your brand.

How Will You Attract Your Future Patients?

Visit our Facebook or Twitter pages and tell us how you plan to connect with and capitalize on your unique visitors. Or, contact Rosemont Media today to learn more about how you can increase brand awareness through search engine marketing.

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