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A Call to Action with Optimization and Promotion

In the last post on Rosemont Review, we introduced a number of terms and concepts regarding your business’ virtual existence and potential performance. With this installment of “Is Your Practice’s Website Fulfilling Its Potential?” we’ll discuss how to develop various strategies to promote your practice’s website and how to use the conversion levels you’ve established to measure the success of those promotions.

Once your website launches, how do you maintain, let alone increase traffic? Website optimization is the first step in ensuring your business remains relevant online. Once you’ve optimized your content and established your current levels of conversion, website promotion is the next step.

By utilizing powerful tools like blogs, social media sites, and local directories during the website design process, coupled with effective services like email marketing campaigns and website public relations, you can create an online community focused on your practice. The creation of this community will not only allow you to communicate directly with your patients online, but will also provide a virtual space for word-of-mouth referrals to travel more effectively between your current and potential patients.

With a direct line of communication now established, you will be able to craft various promotions to kick off the upcoming summer season, celebrate the holidays, or announce a significant milestone or anniversary associated with your practice. And because you have established your current conversion levels, you will be able to statistically track and analyze the success of each campaign.

Regardless of your website performance or promotion needs, your goals or expectations, taking the initial step toward optimization and promotion will allow you to successfully generate attention and increase traffic on the virtual representation of your practice.

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