Engaging and Cultivating Your Committed Website Audience

As Rosemont Review continues with the website potential series,  we last discussed the importance of a robust viewing experience by adding another dimension to your practice’s website with custom video clips and a current blog. Now that we’ve addressed the topics of optimization and promotion, and created a multi-dimensional website, the next step to increasing the effectiveness of your practice’s website is to engage and cultivate a dedicated audience with an email marketing campaign supported by a custom newsletter.

Similar to the importance of call-tracking and statistical analysis when constructing an internet strategy to help your practice website fulfill its potential, the same approach is required when implementing an email marketing campaign. To take full advantage of such a campaign, you’ll need to satisfy several essential conditions:

By incorporating a custom newsletter into an email marketing campaign and allowing your online visitors to sign up for the newsletter on your practice’s website, you are providing a way for them to stay informed and up-to-date with your practice. Whether you would like to highlight an important anniversary, announce the opening of a new office location, or share the receipt of a recent award, crafting a newsletter with compelling and unique content created specifically for your patients is an effective way to engage your committed readership, and continue to cultivate an audience interested in you and your practice.

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