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When to Send Email Blasts


“Strike two!” the umpire screeches as an outside fastball slaps the catcher’s mitt. Though you don’t agree with the call, you back calmly out of the batter’s box and inhale deeply while assessing the situation. The count is now full with three balls and two strikes, the bases are loaded, and your team is down by one run with two outs in the bottom of the ninth. Stepping back up to the plate, you anticipate the next pitch to be a fastball right down the middle.

The pitcher gets the signal from the catcher, winds up, and hurls the ball with all his might. Just as expected, there it is: a fastball straight over the heart of the plate. Your eyes widen and you swing. Crack! Your bat connects with the ball, sending it deep into the night. Going, going, gone.

While strength, hand-eye coordination, pitch velocity, and several other factors contribute to hitting your homerun, the most essential element is timing. Without perfectly timing your swing, you may not hit the ball at all, therefore rendering the aforementioned elements useless.

When it comes to email marketing for your medical or dental practice, the same idea applies. The ultimate success of your email campaign is greatly influenced by a number of different factors, but timing is imperative to that success. Just like connecting with the ball, you must first make contact with your audience before any other factors can enter into play. In short, no matter how exciting, groundbreaking, or engaging your message may be, everything depends on timing.

So when is the best time and day to launch email blasts? Below are some of our suggestions.

Best Time of Day to Send Emails

Research data reveals that the longer an email sits unopened in an a person’s inbox, the less likely it is to ever be read. The key is to define your target audience and identify times of the day during which they will be more likely to check their email (i.e. mornings, afternoons, evenings, etc.). Although there is no clear-cut time, sending emails in the early to mid-afternoon can often be an excellent option as most people have had time to sift through their morning mail and don’t feel so overwhelmed with an overflowing inbox.

Best Day of the Week to Send Emails

Studies show that the majority of emails are sent Monday through Friday, with Tuesdays and Thursdays generating the most traffic. We have found that Mondays should typically be avoided due to the hectic nature of the first day of the week. Depending on the time of day, Fridays may also be less than ideal since people tend to “check out” early for the weekend. As a result, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are often the best options. If your practice is open on the weekends, Saturday may also be an excellent choice as there will generally be less competition with patients’ work emails.

Need Our Help?

In the end, the best time and day to send email blasts will depend on your specific email campaign. Rosemont Media is highly experienced in generating and maintaining successful email marketing campaigns for medical and dental practices. For more individualized answers to your questions, or to let us help you with your email marketing needs, please feel free to contact us today so we can better customize a strategy based on the unique goals of your practice.

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