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Email Marketing 101: Your Go-To Checklist

According to the Data & Marketing Association, email marketing has a return on investment (ROI) of 3800%. That’s an earning of about $38 for every $1 spent on email marketing efforts. To put it simply, if you’re not already using the power of email marketing, you might want to consider it.

Whether you’re just getting started with sending email blasts, or have been doing it for years, there are some basic rules that can do wonders for how well you’re connecting with your audience. Take a look at some of the most important questions you should be asking to ensure you’re headed towards email marketing success.

Take a look at our infographic below for a visual checklist for your email marketing.

For more details about how to perfect your email marketing strategy, read our top tips below.

Does your website offer a way to opt into your email list?

One of the most important components of your email marketing strategy is your list of subscribers. If you’re taking the time to set up campaigns, you probably want to reach as many people as possible. The easiest way to build your email list is to place a “button” on your website—and in a visible location—allowing visitors to opt in.

Did you write a compelling yet concise email?

An email blast should be valuable to the reader in some way, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be long. The ideal email has a balance of text and graphics. If the email is too long-winded, readers are more prone to lose interest and not read what you’re trying to communicate. Follow this simple email marketing tip by keeping it brief and to the point.

Is the content relevant to your audience?

Even if you have the perfect graphic-to-text balance, people probably won’t read your email if they don’t care about the topic. After awhile, they may stop opening your emails altogether and unsubscribe. By accurately targeting your email audience and crafting a relevant message for the email list you’ve built, you can expect a more loyal and quality reader-base.

Is the email directing readers to your website?

Email blasts are a simple method for directing people to your website. Whether you’re sending a newsletter, an announcement, or your latest specials, take advantage of the interaction. Add a link encouraging readers to visit your website for more details. Just as important, make sure the page they land on is a quality representation of your practice and has the details they’re looking for.

Did you include a call-to-action?

Think about the purpose of the email you’re sending. Do you want people to take advantage of a special before it ends? Do you want them to schedule a consultation for an exciting new treatment? Make sure your message specifically supports the end goal, with a clear statement of what action they should take next.

Has your subject line been optimized?

Your email is only as good as the subject you write to represent it. If people aren’t intrigued by your subject line in the email blast, they may just end up deleting it, deeming it irrelevant and not worth their time. Try little tactics like using personal pronouns, using dates/times, presenting a list, or asking a question.

Is the email mobile-friendly?

An estimated 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices, making the need for a responsive format crucial. Otherwise, readers won’t get the full effect of your carefully crafted email, since they’ll need to zoom and scroll to view its entirety. Do your readers and yourself a favor by making your emails mobile-friendly. It’s more convenient for them and more rewarding for you.

Are you sending it at the best time?

One of the most elusive questions in online marketing: when’s the ideal time to hit send? The best time to send emails will depend on factors like when your audience checks their email. Adjusting your email schedule based on the info in your email reporting can gradually improve your open rate, helping you better connect with your subscribers.

While incorporating any of these guidelines is sure to give your email ROI a boost, your goal should be to check all of these off your email marketing to-do list. Want to make the most of your email blasts? Contact our team of online marketing specialists to learn how you can optimize your email marketing efforts for optimal reach.

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