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Predictions for Search Engine Marketing in 2017

Each year, Rosemont Media CEO Keith Humes compiles a list of predictions for what we can expect to see in the coming year. Looking back, his predictions for 2016 were on target. Take a look at what he believes 2017 has in store for us:

Mobile marketing benefits will reach an all-time high. I know… you have a mobile website, so you are all set, right? Wrong. That mindset will lead you to fail in a “mobile first” marketing world. It is crucial to embrace mobile marketing and look at the opportunities it offers, rather than view it as a burden. We all do it (I still do it, too)—we tend to look at our websites on a desktop without thinking about the experience on mobile. Get on track in the new year with 5 things to consider in 2017 for your mobile site:

1. Website Revamp

Start your design efforts with a mobile version of your website; it will force you to focus on the most important services your practice offers. Then you can build upon your mobile site to grow your desktop version.

2. User Experience

Think about the mobile experience. If you view your Facebook page from your phone and then move to your practice’s mobile webpage, is it easy to navigate? Is it easy to call the practice from the site? If not, it’s time to reassess your mobile layout.

3. Speed

Speed, speed, and more speed! A fast-loading mobile site is a key ranking and user experience factor! Don’t get left behind in the dust.

4. Tracking

When it comes to tracking mobile marketing efforts and the blurred lines between branding and conversions, it can get a little tricky. We all want to track marketing dollars directly and specifically to a single event. I know we want it to work this way, but unfortunately, in the healthcare field, it just doesn’t. This is because buying cycles can vary from one day to several years, depending on a variety of factors.

Your practice website should provide detailed information about the most important procedures you are offering. A carefully crafted mobile ad campaign is a great way to generate overall new visits to your educational site. Conversion should be an indicator for success, but not the complete measure. Try looking at your stats and the quality of the visits (time on site and geographic location of visitor) in conjunction with email and call conversions to see the bigger picture.

5. Mobile Ads

Try conducting some mobile-only ad buying campaigns for your best demographic and track your results. Then measure it, and repeat what works!

Additional Marketing Predictions for 2017:

Beacons? You will hear more about them in 2017. This is an in-store device that identifies users, then broadcasts to offer up specials and services via apps on your phone. It also tracks in-store conversions. It’s unclear if it will be applicable for healthcare, due to privacy issues, but you will most likely have a beacon experience this year!

Fake News articles dominated the headlines this past year, and they will continue to dominate in 2017 as Facebook and Google continue to do nothing to prevent them or safeguard users. Google previously initiated a program called Authorship, which displayed a tag with the actual author of a specific article, but they have recently scrapped this project. In order to combat the influx of fake news, we will need some type of ability to track the trustworthiness of authors, allowing the ethical journalists to rise to the top.

Businesses will spend more on digital marketing in 2017, and digital spending is expected to continually rise at a steady rate. Spend your digital marketing dollars in 2017 and beyond wisely, my friends. Here’s to a healthy and wealthy new year!

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Keith Humes


Keith Humes is Rosemont Media's CEO and Founder. Since 1998 Keith has been at the forefront of Internet Marketing with Surgeons and Dentists. He continues to stay ahead of the curve and offers innovative insights to the world of healthcare marketing. Keith also lectures nationally at leading industry events, such as the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium.

Keith is an avid fisherman and master-griller. Next to fishing, Keith’s favorite activities include surfing, and spending time with family & friends.