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How Digital Marketing is like Thanksgiving dinner. Mmm gravy.

Ask any dentist or plastic surgeon what comes to mind when hearing “November” and the answer will invariably be “Thanksgiving!” We are only a few days away from that great annual meal and Rosemont Media wanted to help you into the Thanksgiving mood.

Grab a plate and learn how digital marketing relates to Thanksgiving dinner.


Lately, appetizers have been sneaking into the mix of Thanksgiving. Think of them as a warmup to the main meal that puts you into the overeating mindset. Sometimes, digital marketing campaigns need a tool to jumpstart their hunger for search engine results.

Charcuterie & Digital Media Buying

Adwords are a choice starter for your online presence. For new websites that may not be ranking high in organic searches, paid search ads are a way to put your website in front of targeted users. With a carefully crafted PPC strategy, you can successfully increase traffic to your site. Now aren’t you ready for some turkey?

The Main Course

The following dishes are the most crucial components to your digital marketing strategy. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without the main course, and you wouldn’t have business success without these digital marketing components.

Turkey & Web Design

The turkey of your online marketing strategy is your website. Like cooking a turkey to perfection, creating a well-organized and user friendly website is challenging but much-appreciated. Your guests will remember the meal based on the success-or failure-of your turkey. Start with a quality turkey made from a well-respected recipe and carefully monitor the cooking progress to avoid overcooking your main course.

Gravy & SEO

Gravy is really what makes your turkey mouth watering, and can even improve taste if it is a little dry. Building links acts like gravy by complementing your website. In the SEO world, links act like votes to your website. The more relevant links you can get, the more credible your website becomes, and you are rewarded with higher ranking on search engines. But beware, not all links are created equal. So as you trust your gravy to the most seasoned chef in the family, make sure you have an experienced professional handling your link building efforts.

Mashed Potatoes & Mobile Websites

Everyone loves mashed potatoes! And anyone surfing the internet via a mobile phone loves a mobile website. Mobile websites keep the essence of your website in a smaller screen and are simple to use. Simplicity is also what keeps mashed potatoes a Thanksgiving staple: butter, salt, pepper, and your guests will be thrilled.
Note that gravy pairs excellently with mashed potatoes as well.

Side Dishes

Thanksgiving has many treasured and traditional side dishes to support the main course. These following dishes represent various tools used in digital marketing to promote your website and SEO.

Cranberry Sauce & Blog Posts

Blogging adds depth to your business. Blogs are a great way to share news, and make your business personable. Cranberry sauce is just as multidimensional, tart and sweet, it adds color to a plate and interest to your palette.

Bread & Email Marketing

Email marketing is like bread at Thanksgiving because it is realized in many forms and different for every dinner. Are you preparing rolls, loaves, wheat, sweet, or gluten-free? Email campaigns can be anything from a one-time coupon to a recurring newsletter. Just be careful you don’t have too many bread items or your guests will be overwhelmed. Timeliness is also crucial for bread and email campaigns. The content of email is frequently time-sensitive especially when it comes to promotions, so be sure to prepare your emails ahead of the sending date and serve your bread fresh.

Dessert and Drinks

Thanksgiving has an overwhelming selection of desserts and drinks. These parts of the meal are just like the following digital marketing necessities.

Pie & Social Media

Many Americans find they can’t stop eating their favorite piece of apple, pecan, pumpkin, or chocolate pie, just like they can’t resist checking Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram etc… Can you imagine a Thanksgiving without dessert though? Preposterous!

The same is true of having an online presence, yet no connection to social media. Your guests would howl in protest and you would be left with a very lonely table. Engaging in social media marketing is a must for promoting your business online, but try to use just a few sites or else you will get indigestion.

Drinks & Leads

Drinks like leads are best when continually served throughout the meal. They keep things interesting too, same as that extra glass of wine can make your wacky aunt suddenly hilarious. Follow your leads wisely though and don’t accept every glass offered to you.


There comes a time in every Thanksgiving meal where we reach our max and are ready for a nap. The same is often true of search marketing as you are inundated with rules and guides and tips and scare tactics. Take a deep breath, maybe loosen the belt a little, and relax. Know that if you’ve followed this search marketing recipe, you can take some time to enjoy the fruits of your labor, like time around the holidays with family and friends.

Once you’re back on your feet and ready for seconds, thirds, fourths or more, visit our Facebook page and let us know what you favorite side dish is, and how you think it might relate to your practice’s online advertising campaigns and website design.

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