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Is Your Website a Hollow Chocolate Bunny?

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, you likely benefit from the vast assortment of delectable candy found aplenty this time of year. Virtually every grocery store and convenience shop has at least one shelf packed to the brim with such sweets as jelly beans, peeps, malted milk robin eggs, and giant chocolate bunnies – oh yes, those heavenly blocks of solid chocolate artfully sculpted to personify ol’ Peter Cottontail himself. Simply writing about this staple Easter treat makes me want to tear through the packaging of a chocolate rabbit and bite the ears right off (let’s be honest, those ears are just asking to be the first body part to go).

But you know what’s the worst? Going in for that first big bite of your chocolate bunny only to chomp down and discover that the inside is completely hollow. Whose idea was that in the first place? When I buy a chocolate rabbit I expect there to be a dense, satisfying chunk of chocolate underneath the outwardly visible layer. You know, something with substance – not just chocolate covered air.

Similarly, the same can be said about your website and the content within. You want your site to be full of rich, quality information – not just eye candy with no substance. Why? When current and prospective patients visit your website seeking information about a particular treatment, they aren’t going to stick around long if you don’t satisfy them with enriching information.

To help ensure this doesn’t happen, you need to implement a strategic content marketing plan that allows for a fresh and educational stream of information to be consistently added to your website. With the right content marketing strategy in place, you can target popular Google searches, debunk common misconceptions, announce new techniques or technologies, keep your procedural pages up-to-date, and do so much more. This steady influx of content can not only improve SEO, it can also help position your website as a one-stop resource for patients conducting online research in your respective field, potentially resulting in more leads.

So when you’re biting into your next chocolate rabbit, be sure to ask yourself: is my website a hollow bunny? If the answer is yes, or if you’re not quite positive, feel free to contact Rosemont Media for help.

Happy Easter!


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