How to Successfully Utilize Social Media


At some point in time, you were probably advised your practice needs to establish a social media presence to stay connected with patients in the online marketplace. Heeding this advice, you undoubtedly created a Facebook page, followed by a Google+ profile and perhaps even a Twitter handle (if not, you’d be remiss not to generate at least the former two immediately after you finish reading this post).

So you’re set now, right? You’ve got your social media accounts up and running; let the patients start filing through your doors. Well, no. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly how it works. While it’s great you have the means to connect with patients through social media, simply having the means to connect doesn’t necessarily translate into connecting. You need to utilize your social media outlets strategically, and frequently, to encourage return visits to each page.

Here’s the good news: Staying active on your social media accounts doesn’t have to be a challenge for you and your practice. Below are some ideas to keep your patients not only interested, but also interactive.

Showcase Your Website Content


A great way to keep your social media accounts fresh and updated is to directly align your content marketing strategy with your social media marketing strategy. Every new content addition, blog entry, or even press release authored as part of your content marketing plan should be turned into a post on each of your social media accounts. Not only does this encourage interaction with your online audience, but it also sends traffic to your website.

Highlight Practice News

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Is your practice running a promotion? Did you just add a new member to your team? Are you celebrating a milestone of any sort? Tell people about it! Create posts to share your news so patients can stay up-to-date with what’s going on as well as benefit from what you have to offer. This will help create better relationships and make your patients feel more connected to you and your practice.

Ask Questions


Simply posting a question across your social media accounts can be very beneficial for you and your patients. Not only does this promote interaction with your online audience, but the variety of answers you receive to your questions may also provide some insight into future content marketing topics on which you could expand to provide your patients with more information.

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