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What the GIF?! How to Use GIFs to Enhance Your Social Media Presence

How to Effectively Use GIFs in Your Social Media Strategy

Whether you pronounce it with a J-sound or a hard G-sound (Rosemont Media is firmly Team G, by the way), a GIF can be a fun way to enhance your social media posts—but eliciting giggles isn’t all this media can achieve. We’re here to convince you that GIFs are more than just playful; they’re a super smart marketing tactic too.

Let’s start with the basics. A GIF, which stands for Graphics Interchange Format, is a silent video clip that’s placed on a loop. They look something like this:

GIFs are versatile pieces of media. They can be trimmed from longer pieces of live-action video or they can be animated (like the example above). GIFs can include subtitles, but they do not have sound, and they typically last only a handful of seconds before repeating. Some are designed to create a continuous loop that appears to have no clear end, and others simply replay a scene over and over. Here are some more examples:

Why Should I Use GIFs?

Regular folks use GIFs to react to posts, emphasize a point, make friends and family laugh, and share favorite TV and film moments. But what does that have to do with social media marketing? Everything! This type of visual media is eye-catching and conveys a more nuanced and complex message than a static photo alone. Businesses use GIFs to feature products, highlight treatments, share news, create an emotional response, and tell stories—all of which help to influence prospective clients. GIFs are also an opportunity to reveal the more playful and human side of a practice. That said, it’s important for reputation management to curate your brand and use GIFs that will present a positive face for your office.

How to GIF Responsibly

Which leads us to advice on choosing the right kind of GIF to make your point. If you can imagine it, there’s almost certainly a GIF for it. But a GIF can make you laugh or send a message without being an appropriate choice for your dental or medical practice. For instance:


Nuh Uh:

Definitely Not:

Instead, try these:




Some general rules for selecting a patient-friendly GIF that won’t result in a public relations issue:

Where to Find the Best GIFs for Your Medical or Dental Practice

Some businesses opt to make their own GIFs, and it’s easier than ever to do that. However, with so many GIFs available and new ones being created daily, it is often simpler to borrow one that’s already made. offers a stunning, ever-changing, and regularly updated selection of GIFs. and are some alternative options.

It’s understandable if you still feel you have a lot to learn. Knowing which GIFs to use, what type of message to craft around it, and other questions can make implementing these fun and festive files intimidating—but it doesn’t have to be! Our skilled social media marketing department has the experience, know-how, and creative eye to select and utilize the best GIFs based on your practice needs, goals, and philosophy. Let us help you spice up your Facebook and Instagram timelines to engage with existing patients and attract new ones. Talk to us today to learn more.

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