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Which Is Better: Informational or Promotional Content?


To inform or to promote–that is the question. With all of the time and effort you put towards establishing your online presence, you want to make sure the content you’re publishing–whether on your website or social media accounts–is being noticed. When done right, these posts can be highly influential for your brand. So which can provide a bigger impact: informational or promotional content?

The Dangers of Being Overly Promotional

If your primary goal of posting online is to drive more people to your business, it may be tempting to only publish content that advertises your products or services. Unfortunately, this all-too-common practice can hurt your long-term success. When it comes down to it, people will only read your posts if they find some sort of value in what is being said, which is directly related to SEO. The more people (and search engines) find your content to be relevant, the more attention you will receive. While promoting your business can help people find a solution to their problem, they may also lose interest in your posts if every single one reads like a sales pitch. As a result, we recommend balancing both promotional and informational content.

Creating More Value with Informational Posts

By simply broadening your goal of promoting your brand online to helping people find answers to their questions, you can attract new readers and motivate them to keep returning. In addition to highlighting your practice’s ability to solve specific problems, consider offering a different type of solution: answer questions related to your business that your readers are asking. By educating your audience, you are positioning yourself as the expert, and over time, you can gradually become a trusted resource while you gain credibility. As you establish yourself to be an authority in your field, people are more prone to listening to your opinion, such as about the products and services you offer.

The Balancing Act

By incorporating both informational and promotional content into your online marketing strategy, you can create a mutually beneficial relationship with your readers. As they come to you for answers, you can offer help while also presenting your business as part of the solution. It all comes down to balancing content marketing and social media in one overarching goal.

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Katie is a Senior Content & SEO Strategist at Rosemont Media. Growing up in Illinois surrounded by corn fields, Katie started her transition west by attending Augustana College in the Quad Cities, where she received her BA in Business Administration and Communication Studies. After earning her degree, Katie made her way to San Diego to experience the bliss of living in paradise as she pursued a career in marketing. A Midwestener at heart, she ultimately returned to Illinois to be closer to family. In her free time, Katie enjoys spending time outdoors, reading, and exploring the local brewery scene.