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Why You Should Regularly Update Your Content

A lot of time and energy go into building a website that can effectively represent your practice—and this effort should never completely stop. In the beginning, your goals may be to ensure your site works properly, has an attractive design, offers helpful information, and is optimized for search engines. While these components are all important for an overarching online marketing strategy, updating your website with fresh content is an extremely powerful way to get noticed and stay ahead of competition.

Whether you’re publishing new pages or expanding old ones, adding new content to your website breathes new life into an already excellent resource. This does more than just keep your website current—it creates the opportunity to get a boost in your rankings in organic search results. Based on everything we know about search engines like Google, the value of maintaining a website with fresh content is undeniable. Take a look at some of the key benefits you can experience when you regularly update your practice website.

The Page Will Be Indexed More Often

Adding content to your website sends a signal to search engines that you have new information that needs to be indexed within their systems. Getting this attention can be done in a variety of ways, including posting a blog, publishing a new page, updating an outdated page, or expanding one that may be lacking details. Google tends to favor pages that have fresh content because they’re deemed more up-to-date and relevant.

Higher Chance of Ranking for Search Terms

By refreshing your site’s content, you have a better chance of ranking for different search terms. This doesn’t necessarily mean an update will definitely cause you to rank higher. However, by adding new content that triggers your website to be indexed, you are creating more opportunities to show up in search results, which could cause your traffic to increase. Blogs are a great tool to achieve this goal, since they are built-in streams of updates. Refreshing the core pages of your website is also an ideal tactic, as these pages typically hold the most value.

Shows Readers Your Site Is Up-to-Date

Aside from the advantages to your website’s SEO, sharing fresh, original content communicates to your readers that your website is alive and well. It has useful information that isn’t outdated and, therefore, is a reliable aid in their research. If visitors see you as a trustworthy resource, they may keep returning to your website for information and will, ideally, come to you if/when they choose to move forward with a certain treatment.

What to Know When Updating Content

Considering the advantages of keeping your website fresh with routine content updates, it can be tempting to make updates for the sole purpose of getting search engines’ attention. Unfortunately, this mindset tends to lead to unnecessary, small, and/or black hat changes that may either go unnoticed and be wasted effort, or be viewed as spammy and potentially hurt your ranking within search results.

Instead, we recommend writing for your audience while keeping best SEO practices in mind. This means you should update content to add value. By doing so, you can earn your reputation as a reliable source of information—to both visitors and search engines.

Not sure how or don’t have the resources to continuously put out original, quality content? Our team of content marketing and SEO professionals are dedicated to staying at the forefront of search engines’ latest updates and customizing marketing strategies based on this knowledge. Give us a call to learn how we can enhance your online presence, whether your content simply needs refreshing, or your website needs to be built from the ground up.

Katie Nagel


Katie is a Senior Writer at Rosemont Media and has a passion for all things health related. She grew up in a tiny town in Illinois, surrounded by corn fields and flat nothingness. In an attempt to experience what civilization was like, she ventured to the Quad Cities to attend Augustana College, where she studied business and communications. After earning her degree, Katie moved to sunny San Diego to pursue a career in writing and explore what city life has to offer. You can find her running in her free time and sharing her love for fitness and nutrition in her healthy living blog.