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What Is Cornerstone Content?

Cornerstone content is a page (or post) on a website that has comprehensive information about an important topic.

These evergreen pages cover the most sought-after details surrounding a topic, and they are ultimately the content you want to rank highest for in search engines. As a result, cornerstone pieces are typically linked to the most throughout a website, since they have fundamental information that answers common questions readers might have.

When it comes to plastic surgery practices, for instance, a type of cornerstone content would be procedural pages, which provide valuable insight into what patients can expect with their surgery. Shorter articles, such as blog posts, might be used to target other long-tail keywords and can link back to the more thorough resource you’ve created as the main procedural page.

Example of Cornerstone Content for Plastic Surgery

In general, the best cornerstone content for healthcare practices has the following qualities:

  • Provides a thorough look inside what the topic entails
  • Answers frequently asked questions or solves common problems
  • Keeps the reader’s attention with compelling content and an easy-to-read format
  • Can be seamlessly accessed by visitors, such as through the site navigation
  • Reflects the mission and ideals of the practice

Since cornerstone content typically addresses multiple questions related to its main theme, these pages tend to be longer. To ensure this content has good readability, it can be helpful to incorporate organizational components like using headers throughout and placing an index at the top of the page. This is especially useful as the page is expanded over time—a valuable part of any content marketing strategy. By frequently updating cornerstone content, you are signaling to search engines that not only is the page an established authority, but it continues to provide fresh information to the public.

Do you have cornerstone content on your practice website? And, if so, does it follow the best content qualities listed above? Learn how you can get the most from the core pages of your website by contacting our team at Rosemont Media. We look forward to discussing how cornerstone content can be optimized for your practice!

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