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Custom Websites vs. “Customized” Websites

Although it is not always obvious, there is a big difference between a custom website and a website that is customizable or partially custom. Over the past few years there are less and less custom medical & dental websites and more and more template generated websites. The problem is that some template websites are customizable and you may be told that your website will be custom when in reality it is not. Unfortunately, most doctors & dentists find this out after they’ve spent thousands of dollars.

What is the difference between custom and customized?

A custom website is 100% custom designed, so the sky’s the limit. Any portion of the page can be concentrated on. Design elements can flow the length of the page, more texture and depth can be implemented.

A customizable or partially custom website means that some custom designed elements can be added to only certain parts of the page. There will be restrictions as to what a designer can do and they will have to work with in specific parameters or boxes.

How can I tell if it’s a custom website or just a customizable website?

There are so many medical & dental websites which are not custom these days that it may be hard to tell. Here are some clues:

Does it look boxy or generic?

Do the buttons/tabs/navigation look basic?

Do you find yourself saying “I think I’ve seen that site before?” or “A colleague of mine has a site just like that.”

In summary a custom designed website should capture the essence of the practice and be aesthetically superior. If it is hard to tell it is always best to seek a professional opinion.

Why is it so important to have a website that is 100% custom designed?

Ownership and copyright. In most cases custom websites are owned by the practice and customizable websites are not. Before purchasing a website make that you own every aspect of the site, in its entirety.

Another reason would be frustration. After you make the decision to purchase a website, there is nothing more frustrating than being unhappy with the design, and then being restricted or being told “we can’t do that” when requesting a design change.

Effective custom websites will truly capture the personality of the doctor and staff which can lead to a better user experience for patients and potential patients. Statistics show that websites that keep the attention of the visitor will have higher email and phone call conversion levels.

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