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Welcome to Rosemont Media’s video blog series. This is the first in a series of many, and we’re gonna start off our series by talking about blogs. And a blog in its simplest form is an online diary. It’s also referred to as a weblog, and typically the user or the admin enters occurrences or events, and those are listed in reverse chronological order.

Setting up a blog can be very easy. There are free applications out there. I’m sure you’ve heard of Google’s application called Again it’s a free and easy setup but one of the problems is that you don’t own that blog. And so if you do want to update to a custom blog one day, meaning a blog that you own, you may have to migrate the data from the free blog to the new blog or the custom blog.

So the benefits of a custom blog. Your site becomes a better resource for your audience because there’s more information on an ongoing basis. A blog provides a medium of interaction between a physician and patient. Blogs can position you as a technology leader. And also positions your business as an expert in your field. Blog is great for PR. Blogs also help you leverage a competitive advantage in your marketplace. And last but not least, blogs are a great low cost way to enhance your website. I really recommend you looking into a blog that has a lot of SEO tools that gives you the ability to customize your blog for the search engines and allows you access to different SEO tools such as the page title – which is listed here, you can see an example of a page title on top of the page here. And again it gives you the ability to organize your blog entries based on your different topics so the search engines can come in and easily catalog those blog entries based on the specific topic.

Now the other main thing that you also want with your blog is you want to be able to have the ability to add in a snippet. Here’s an example of what a snippet is and in that simplest form a snippet is basically a meta description, meta description meaning it’s actually behind the page that you can’t see, but Google actually analyzes that snippet or meta description and actually does index that specific meta description. It also gives you the ability to target very specific keywords in that meta description, and also gives you the ability to entice the user that’s coming to the page, the more informative and persuasive you make that snippet.

If your site is already optimized for search engines you should 100% definitely look at a blog. You know there’s really two areas of search engine optimization. There’s your initial search engine optimization setup where you setup your website so that it works well with the search engines, and then there’s your other area of search engine optimization which we refer to as search engine optimization maintenance.

Now inside of search engine optimization maintenance, these are things that you need to do on an ongoing basis to improve your site’s search engine placement even after it’s already been optimized. So those things are, you know, adding a blog. If you add a blog again it gives you the ability to add ongoing content, which again will encourage the spiders or robots to come back and crawl your website.

Obviously some other ongoing things that you’ll want to look at with the search engines is acquiring more links. Links are a big thing. Also any press releases or articles you can write. You want to look at every single aspect of what you can do on an ongoing basis to really position your site so that you are the leader in your marketplace.

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