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Clickbait Vs. Substantive: Which Content Reigns Supreme?


What actually gets patients to schedule a consultation will blow your mind! Enticing and ubiquitous, clickbait headlines are often big on emotion and meager on substance, leaving readers unsatisfied at best and furious at worst. As a result, there’s no shortage of critics of this practice, including the Internet users that can’t help clicking on those compelling links. And yet, these eye-catching titles seem to obtain millions of pageviews. So are they effective, or are clickbait articles the latest black hat tactic to avoid? Click here to discover the answer…


The truth is the answer depends on what you consider to be a successful result. Do you want the biggest audience or the perfect audience? Do you want the most page-views or to build a positive online reputation and to foster relationships with your patients? Mining data for clues on how to attract users to your website is an essential part of an effective dental and medical marketing strategy, but it’s easy to become dazzled by the wrong numbers. Some typically undervalued metrics include engaged reading time, bounce rate, average finish, longevity, and returning readers. Optimizing for these often overlooked stats might reduce the number of total hits, but some other important figures ($$$) may increase due to your astute approach.

Quality content carries weight, builds confidence, and educates the visitor on a topic in which they’re interested. Additionally, substantive material meets approval of the biggest captains of this industry. Facebook, Google, and other major media brands have recently taken a stand against sites using clickbait and switch tactics, which they measure by comparing pageviews to reading time, comments, and “likes.” Having said that, an exciting, curiosity-inducing headline can still pay dividends; you just have to make sure to deliver on the promise of the article’s title.

At Rosemont Media, we understand how important it is to craft content that’s informative, engaging, and persuasive from opener to conclusion. To learn more about how we can optimize your website to enhance the patient experience and help achieve a high pagerank on leading search engines, please contact us today.

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