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Optimizing AdWords Landing Pages to Increase Conversion and Visibility

A well-crafted Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategy can provide a steady source of targeted website traffic for your medical or dental website; however, properly optimized landing pages are the key to translating these visits into valuable conversions. Once you get Google-users to click on your ad, the information they find and their experience interacting with your landing page will strongly influence their decision to either submit a contact form, call your office, or continue on to another website. Furthermore, Google generates a “landing page quality” rating based on an evaluation of several key areas, which directly influences the visibility and positioning of your ads. Developing high-quality landing pages to accompany your ads can be the difference between throwing your PPC budget away every month or seeing a satisfying return on your AdWords investment.

What is an AdWords Landing Page?

Your AdWords landing page is the URL that visitors are directed to once they click on your ad. Ideally, it is a page of your website that relates most directly to the content of the ad and supplies the visitor with the information they are likely seeking. For example, if your ad is targeting the keyword “breast augmentation san diego,” the most appropriate landing page would generally be your breast augmentation procedure page.

AdWords Landing Page Best Practices

Google provides a lot of great information about landing pages within the AdWords Help guide; however, the fundamentals of these guidelines largely follow common sense guidelines for delivering a high-quality user experience. For your convenience, our experts at Rosemont Media have provided some key questions to consider when evaluating and optimizing your landing pages for increased conversion:

  • Is my landing page relevant to the targeted keyword and content of my ad? A poorly matched landing page can be an instant turn-off to ad-referred visitors and be regarded as problematic by Google.
  • Is the targeted keyword of my campaign included in the landing page content? Your landing page should include at least one mention of the targeted keyword to meet the minimum requirement for Google.
  • Is my landing page content unique and useful? Duplicate content should not appear anywhere on your website – unique content is always a must. Make sure your landing page content provides clear, useful information that captures the visitor’s attention and interest.
  • Am I providing trust signals and representing myself clearly and accurately? Building trust is paramount for medical and dental practitioners who are marketing their practice and services on the Internet. Be sure to include your credentials and make accurate claims about any procedures or treatments you offer.
  • Does my landing page offer unique features, such as videos, infographics, images, and/or links, which complement my written content? Content heavy pages can be uninteresting to visitors who are looking to quickly find and take in information on the site. Once on the page, internal links can provide access to other related areas of the site that may be of interest to the visitor.
  • Can users quickly and easily access the information they are looking for? Is my page well organized? Organizing your page with headings and bullet point lists makes information easy to find and skim. Also, including the most important points at the top of the page (“above the fold”) will give the visitor a good idea of what is included within the entirety of the page.
  • Does my page load quickly? Loading speed is crucial for both mobile and computer users. The time it takes for your landing page to load once visitors have clicked on your ad needs to be short in order to retain their attention. If they have to wait too long, they may just click on the back button to find another site to visit.
  • Is my landing page both computer and mobile-friendly? Having a responsive website that adjusts page layout and navigation to suit visitors using mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers ensures that you are able to provide an optimal user experience to anyone who visits your site.
  • Am I providing encouragement and opportunities for visitors to convert (i.e. calls to action, prominently displayed contact forms, visible click-to-call buttons)? Make it as easy as possible for visitors to contact your practice. People are farless likely to convert if they have to spend time searching for ways to call or email you.

No matter how large your Google AdWords budget is, if your landing page doesn’t deliver a satisfactory user experience, your ad position, display frequency, and conversion will suffer.

If you are interested in learning more about optimizing your landing pages, improving AdWords conversion, or getting started with an AdWords campaign, our experienced team at Rosemont Media can provide you with valuable guidance and expertise. Rosemont Media is a Premier Google Partner, which means we have been recognized by Google as being among the top 3% of agencies in North America providing trustworthy, certified assistance with Google services. Contact us to get started on improving your website and online advertising strategy with one of our knowledgeable representatives today.

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