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How Can I Make My Medical or Dental Posts “Go Viral”?

It seems everyone is eager to create “viral” content—posts that are so compelling users share them with all their friends, who share them with all their friends, eventually racking up thousands or even millions of re-shares. As enticing as the prospect may seem, going viral should be low on the priority list for most dentists and surgeons (find out why in our social media FAQs blog post). That said, it never hurts to understand how to increase engagement, and knowing the tips and tricks used to produce popular posts can be a handy skill. With that goal in mind, here are a few helpful ideas on how to make your blogs, status updates, videos, and images more shareable:

  • Create Delight – Induce smiles (and interest) with music, GIFs, animation, and videos.
  • Collaborate on a Charitable Cause – Love to give back? Encourage users to join you in contributing, either with donations or via participation of another sort, to a philanthropic opportunity that’s close to your heart.
  • Deliver Exceptional Quality – Just like dental and medical care, quality matters in the social media world. Review posts for clarity, grammar and spelling, and message (and don’t stray far from your field). Keeping a post short and snappy is often the most effective approach.
  • Keep it Topical – Exciting news breaking in your field? Share in the moment by posting about how this event relates to your practice. Just remember, trends pass very quickly, so you have to move fast.
  • Incorporate Attributes – Know your patients well? Use that to your advantage; create posts that are relatable to your client’s lives. For instance, a plastic surgeon may want to talk about the most popular procedure for moms in their 40s. A dentist may want to reveal the most common dental concern among retirees.

Individually, each tip can boost the allure of your posts. The more of these traits you can combine, however, the more likely others will gleefully participate. Remember, though, the shareable nature of your content is far less crucial than providing informative and accurate material—a patient-focused approach should come first. Clickbait can be irresistible to many, but it can also diminish a physician’s reputation by making him or her appear superficial or unprofessional. Delegating the responsibility of content and social media marketing to an experienced team can save you time, preserve your prominence, and appeal to prospective patients.

So now that you’re inoculated against the notion that going viral is a necessity, you can continue to build your practice’s character and influence using these carefully curated tips. For more winning suggestions on how to navigate the delicate field of social and content marketing while maintaining exceptional patient care, we encourage to reach out to our skilled team at Rosemont Media.

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Ashley Berg


A Midwesterner by birth and a San Diegan by choice, Ashley is a dedicated reader, editor, and content producer with a passion for the nerdier things in life. Ashley is a Senior Writer at Rosemont Media, and when not crafting well-researched material for her clients in the elective healthcare industry, she is busy earning her master’s degree in Science and Medical Writing from Johns Hopkins University. In rare moments of downtime, Ashley catches up on Netflix shows, consumes noodles, and cuddles her pets, Rufus and Barley. You can also find her practicing yoga, camping, rock climbing, and making promises to start a fitness boot camp with her coworkers.