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Wine. What a magnificent gift from the land. It’s the perfect drink, you know. For some, it acts as a liberator from the trials and tribulations of the day. For others, it’s served to create an aura of sophistication and class. And still for others, it’s simply poured because, well, it just goes down so darn nicely.

Another great thing about wine is the fact that it often gets better with age, depending on the variety and quality of course. You know what doesn’t age well? Your website design. In fact, as your website design ages, it can actually hurt your SEO rankings on Google and other major search engines.

How so? According to a recent article on Search Engine Land, Matt Cutts – the head of search spam at Google – has stated that websites still using their original design templates, or ones that haven’t updated in quite some time, are frequently being jumped and surpassed on Google SERP rankings by newer websites with younger domains.

How is that fair? Well, user experience plays an integral role in search engine rankings these days. If you have a website design that can be considered outdated by today’s standards – i.e. it’s not responsive, it’s not mobile-friendly, etc. – you may slip steadily down the rankings no matter how mature or well-established your domain may be.

Unlike their wine selections, people in this day and age are drawn to websites that haven’t aged; ones that provide a good user experience; ones that seem fresh and not outdated. With all the new design templates available today, patients aren’t going to stick around on a site that doesn’t function as well as another, no matter the quality of the content.

So what can you do to help ensure your website is up-to-date and not losing ground in the search engine rankings? Take a minute or two to check out our website buyer’s guide to view several of the latest designs with which we can equip your website. Then, contact us and let our experienced team go to work as you relax and enjoy a tall glass of wine (after hours, of course).

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John Lewis


John is a Senior Writer at Rosemont Media. A native of Marietta, GA, he migrated to nearby Auburn University where he attended football games and happened to earn his degree in the process. From there, he ventured cross country to live in San Diego just long enough to curse any temperature dropping below 70 degrees. He currently resides in Washington, DC, and in his spare time you can find him cheering on all Atlanta sports teams, showcasing a wicked slice on the golf course, or vicariously living “The Dream” through rock stars’ biographies.