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Are Your Emails Catering to Mobile Users?

You’ve updated your website to a responsive design, due to the impact of the “mobile revolution”… so why hasn’t your email marketing strategy adjusted, as well? Quite simply: if your emails aren’t optimized for mobile users, your target audience is unlikely to see them.

How Do I Optimize Email Marketing for Mobile?

First things first: make sure the layout you are using is mobile-friendly. If not, you need to either get a new design, or find a friendly web developer who can create one for you (we happen to know a few 😉).

Pro tip: make sure to include buttons that are large enough for users to click on with their fingers, and remember to strategically place them away from other clickable content, for a better user experience.

To help keep viewers engaged, incorporating interesting visuals into your email campaign is key. However, you also should keep in mind how your images will appear on a mobile device (is there image text that becomes difficult or impossible to read on a smaller scale?).

Next, you’ll want to write a catchy subject line that’s short and to the point—longer subject lines will be truncated in mobile inboxes, and therefore often lose the opportunity to grab the viewer’s attention. For example, something like “Check Out Our Summer Specials!” may be a bit better than, “This month only: visit our office for a chance to win 20% off select treatments!”

Depending on what type of device, settings, and email server the viewer is using, they will likely see a brief snippet from the beginning of the email when looking through their inbox. For most users, this snippet is about 40-50 characters long. To improve your chances of getting people to open your emails, it’s a good idea to have eye-catching content in this initial part of your message. If there’s not an easy way to include this naturally, another awesome solution is to write a brief summary as preheader text within the HTML code—this allows you to still take advantage of the “sneak peek” snippet without compromising the overall flow of your message.

Obviously, the goal of your email campaign is to encourage your readers to take action in some way, which usually involves getting them to click on a button or link in your email. Where that link takes them should make sense, of course, but it should also be a mobile-friendly page. If viewers are taken to a page that isn’t optimized for mobile devices, they may not actually follow through with the action you were hoping for.

Need More Help?

Coding a mobile-friendly template, creating a visually stunning email campaign, and crafting clever content to go into it sounds like quite an undertaking… and it is! Thankfully, the team at Rosemont Media is skilled and experienced with email campaigns that are optimized for mobile users—and we also have the advanced tools to help you monitor your efforts so you can see who is opening your emails, which devices they’re using, and more. Drop us a line or give us a call if you’re interested in learning more about how we can kick your email marketing efforts up a notch.

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