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7 Tips for Creating Successful Holiday Specials

How to create successful holiday specials for your medical or dental practice

The holidays can be one of the most profitable times for running specials on products and treatments—but it can also be one of the most challenging. People are constantly being bombarded with ads online, making it more difficult for your practice to get noticed amidst all the commotion. Fortunately, this is a time of year when people are actively seeking discounts due to increased spending, making it possible for you to connect with more prospective patients. Holiday specials can be an incredibly effective method of reaching these individuals.

Make the most of your special offers by using marketing tactics that will resonate with your audience. From the intricate process of planning a memorable theme to using social media and email marketing to get your holidays specials noticed, take a look through our top seven tips for ensuring you have success with your seasonal campaigns.

1. Plan and Start Your Holiday Campaign Early

Whether you have a few months or just a few weeks left, plan to launch your campaign with plenty of time before the holiday arrives. By doing so, you’ll have more time to connect with your audience, learn what is or isn’t working, and retarget ads to better reach people.

2. Establish a Creative Campaign to Entice Your Target Audience

As holiday ads take over the Internet, the need to stand out becomes even more crucial. Make sure your campaign uses an engaging theme that will intrigue your target demographic. Create eye-catching imagery and compelling text to represent your special.

3. Look at What Your Competitors Are Offering

Being informed about what other practices are offering will help you understand what prospective patients are seeing and how your campaign compares. By monitoring your local competition, you can also get ideas of what people are responding to.

4. Promote Your Special Across Multiple Channels

Holiday specials are only effective if people know about them. Promote your campaign across multiple channels to reach more people. This includes offering information on your practice website, across your social media pages, via email marketing, and through search engine ads.

5. Make It Simple for Those Interested to Learn More

Provide your audience with a call-to-action that clearly details how they can take advantage of your special. Whether they need to call your practice to schedule an appointment or visit a landing page to discover more details, tell people exactly how they can get started.

6. Adjust Your Marketing Efforts as Needed

As stated above, starting your campaign early will allow you extra time to fine-tune your strategy based on how people are responding. This might involve adjusting how your message is presented, changing where to run your promotions, or increasing your media buying.

7. Train Your Staff on How to Handle the Special Offers

After dedicating all that time and energy to perfecting your campaign, make sure your staff is not only aware of the specifics surrounding your specials, but also know how to process them when patients request them. This ensures your offers are easy to obtain and there is no confusion.

Bonus: Remain Strategic in Your Choice of Specials

For plastic surgeons in particular, it’s always good to keep a vigilant eye on the latest trendlines to see which specific treatments might be advantageous to promote at a particular time. A number of reports over the course of the last several months indicate that interest in plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancement has not waned during the pandemic. In fact, search inquiries for the term “plastic surgery” rose as much as 67% back in the spring, and numerous practices have seen upticks in requests for injectables and other forms of non-surgical cosmetic treatments. This makes it important to remain cognizant of the overall demand for certain types of treatment, which can allow you to create your specials strategy based on what may be the most beneficial options to promote at a given time.

Another Bonus: Utilize Professionals Who Specialize in Digital Marketing

As you plan your holiday specials, consider working with professionals who specialize in the full scope of digital marketing. By doing so, you could ultimately save valuable time, make better use of your resources, and improve the final outcome of your campaign.

Rosemont Media has been working with medical and dental practices for over 12 years, creating custom marketing products that will get them noticed. Whether you want us to take the lead in running your holiday specials or would prefer to simply be guided on how to get the most out of your specials, contact us to learn how our team can assist you in your end-of-the-year offers.

Editor’s note: The original version of this post was published on November 27, 2018.

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