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How to Update Your Facebook Strategy with the New 2015 Algorithm


Facebook’s organic post reach (the number of people who see posts that are not promoted) has been steadily declining over the years, making paid social media marketing campaigns absolutely necessary. In a recent announcement – one that shocked marketers everywhere – Facebook revealed it will be updating its newsfeed algorithm once again to not only make organic post reach even more difficult to obtain, but also to reduce overly promotional page posts in the newsfeed beginning in January 2015.

Why is this happening?

In an effort to make their platform more user-friendly, Facebook conducted a survey to determine what type of content users prefer to see in their newsfeeds. Survey results concluded people want to see more stories from friends and pages they like and less promotional content and blatant ads.

What does this mean?

These types of posts will be filtered out of the newsfeed:

  • Posts that push people to buy a product or service
  • Posts that push people to enter promotions and sweepstakes
  • Posts that reuse the same content from ads

What can we do about it?

Your practice page will need to develop two Facebook strategies: 1) an editorial calendar of engaging, organic content to increase the quality and relevance of stories in the newsfeed, and 2) a completely separate Facebook advertising campaign.

Here are a few tips to enhance your Facebook content:

  • Remember the three E’s: Educate, engage, and entertain. Facebook pages should serve as your practice’s online presence and identity. Your posts should include opportunities for patients to learn more about you and your practice, stay educated on new procedures and technology, and be engaged with your practice.
  • Create a video strategy. Videos are the most engaging social media content. The micro-video is becoming more popular; these are 15-second video clips that can show a day in the life of your practice, highlight new products, showcase events, and share patient testimonials.
  • Drive users to your website and email marketing. Since you can’t control what users see on Facebook, you want them to be directed to the content you do control.
  • Content curation. In addition to creating your own engaging posts, sharing other high-quality, relevant content from other Facebook pages and websites is known to increase overall page engagement and organic post reach.
  • Mix it up. Include a mix of text, photos, videos, and links.

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