Tips for Developing an Attractive & Impactful Website Design

How to create a visually appealing website for your dental or medical practice

Your website is the online representation of your elective healthcare practice and you want it to have a look and feel that reflects the core of your practice, illuminating what sets you apart. Embarking on a new website design journey can come with a lot of pressure to “get it right,” and it’s often challenging to know where to start.

At Rosemont Media, we’ve found that the collaborative design process is smoothest when our clients are familiar with some of the key basics of creating a killer website design. Our designers have more than a decade of experience creating world-class elective healthcare websites tailored to the unique styles, goals, and specialties of our clients, giving them the inside track on what does and doesn’t work. Below are some valuable insights from RM’s creative design team that can help you navigate the website design process like a pro:

Does it Really Matter What My Website Looks Like?

Stated in plain and simple terms, yes—the visual appeal of your website matters much more than you may think. For medical and healthcare practices especially, developing an eye-catching and professional design is one of the most important ways to gain the confidence of your future patients. In a widely discussed study by Northumbria University exploring trust and mistrust in online health sites, a shocking 94 percent of people surveyed cited design issues as the primary reason why they rejected a website.

The nature of the research process means people in your area are more than likely making snap judgements on each website they land on, individually assessing whether they can trust a given doctor or dentist purely based on their first impression of your site. That said, there are a few design no-nos you’ll want to avoid when it comes time to bring your custom website to fruition:

Again, the goal is to make your website as navigable, user-friendly, attractive, and reputable as possible. Numerous research studies—not to mention our years of experience in healthcare website design—have certainly illuminated how a good website design can bring patients to your practice.

Let’s Talk About Innovative Design

In the end, working with a digital marketing company and design team you can rely on to expertly plan an effective website and guide you through each stage of the process is critical for achieving a stellar finished product. If you are considering a new website or a website redesign, we encourage you to contact our experienced representatives at Rosemont Media to start the conversation about developing a website and marketing strategy that works to achieve your practice goals.

Editor’s note: The original version of this post was published on December 11, 2018.

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